Samsung Releases i85 Credit Card-sized Digital Camera


Also released today from Samsung is a credit card-sized 8-megapixel digital camera, the i85. Despite its diminutive size the i85 features an extensive list of goodies that’s shown off by its 3-inch LCD. To keep its slender figure, the 5x optical zoom NV lens remains in the confines of the brushed-silver aluminum body while proclaiming a max shutter speed of 1/2,000 of a second and a super macro focus of 1cm plus shake reduction. See what else this coked-out super model can do by

The i85 screams convergence with PMP functions, so you can watch all sorts of video content and listen to MP3s via SRS 3D acoustic stereo speakers or through the 2.5mm jack for your ‘phones. Another feature, which I haven’t quite figured out the purpose of, is the World Tour Guide function that provides travel info for 4,500 regions in 30 countries.

Following suit with the previous NV cameras features, the i85 has a neat feature called Wise Shot that takes one photo with ASR (Advanced Shake Reduction) enabled and then one with flash, which you then pick the best of. The latest Samsung i85 has 256MB of internal memory and an external SDHC/SD card slot. Look for it this fall for $349.