Slot Loading iMac Says Goodbye On September 18


Come September 18 we’ll all be wearing black, mourning the death (or celebrating the life) of the slot loading iMac. Yes, the computer that brought USB to the masses and brought the Mac OS back into our hearts gets end of life’d on that fateful Tuesday. Once the 18th hits, Apple will no longer offer service parts or documentation to repair centers for this model iMac.

Now we’re sad clowns.

The list of iMacs that we’ll say goodbye to?

• iMac 350 MHz
• iMac 400 MHz DV
• iMac 400 MHz DV (Special Edition)
• Apple Cinema Display (1999-2000)
• Apple Studio Display 15-inch DVI
• Apple Studio Display 21
• Airport Base Station (Graphite)

Does anyone have any particularly touching iMac stories? My first encounters with a Mac were in high school. I later got this one for my birthday and haven’t willingly used a Windows box since. Sure, figuring out why clicking the “+” button on applications windows didn’t cause it to go full screen was a hassle at first, but I got the hang of it. Phew!

The slot loading iMac’s aren’t _officially_ obsolete until September 18 []