Conference Calls Via Cellular Phone

foonz.jpgCalling in to a conference call has been easy enough from a mobile phone – and nothing beats soaking in the rays on a roof garden while listening to a long boring call (just don’t tell my editors). But now foonzMobile from RPM Communications will let mobile users take part in a conference call that will cost nothing other than the minutes sued for a regular call. Users simply send a short text message (“START”) to FOONZ (36669) to get the ball rolling. foonzMobile then replies with a text message with the instructions, allowing you to initiate the call. Additional text messages are sent to the other parties with a number to call, and participants simply the dial that number and foonz does the connecting.

“Conference calling isn’t just for business anymore,” said Michael Bayer, CEO and co-founder of RPM Communications, Inc., the parent company of foonz. “People who want to share news, get a group of friends together, or let team mates know that practice is cancelled can forget about phone trees or calling people one-by-one. foonzMobile makes group voice communication as immediate and easy as text and IM, and it’s available to every one of the 230 million people with cell phones in the US. And of course, it’s available to businesses too.”

Additional features are available to registered foonzMobile users, but anyone can try out the service by text messaging. We’ll give the service a spin soon and let you know what we thought.

RPM Communications