Purity Protoype Laptop: Walks Like A MacBook, Talks Like A MacBook


Right off the bat, what does this prototype laptop—the Purity Notebook—remind you of? To me, it looks like any number of PCs trying, really trying, to emulate the MacBook. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Being a PC, it runs Windows Vista, insofar as prototypes runs anything, I suppose.


To call it minimalist is sort of a truism: what laptop, real or otherwise, isn’t “minimal”?

Then again, I’m a jaded meanie. I will say that the black one looks infinitely better than the white one. It’s something about the way the light reflects off it, I think.

Over/under on it ever being made, even just one?

Purity Notebook But A Litte Like A Mac [Yanko Design]