Tascam DAP Is A Godsend For Musicians


Apparently the brand Tascam is “big” in the music community, as Vince just went off in our chat room on how great it is. Tascam designed this DAP, the MP-VT1, with musicians in mind, which is while you’ll find a line out and a microphone jack there. It has other features only musicians could appreciate, like Variable Speed Audition, which slows songs down without changing their pitch; songs can configured to have looping sections, which is good for DJs; and you can alter the pitch of playing music.

All this pitch talk is making me thirsty.

Oh, that’s not all, either. There’s a built-in metronome and instrument tuner. It’s a shame that the device only has enough memory for 240 songs, but, to my untrained eye, it seems more like a swiss army knife-like companion for music dudes, with just one of the many features being MP3 playback.

Any music dudes—that’s the technical term, yes—have experience with Tascam? Or was Vince just talking jive again?

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