UK's O2 CEO Lets It Slip That The iPhone Is On Its Way


So, when is the UK getting the Apple iPhone? British mobile provider O2 continues to flirt with the iPhone, dropping little hints here and there that it will be the UK home for Apple’s cellphone++. Apparently, the company’s CEO mentioned, you know, just casually, that the iPhone will help the company “maintain momentum” as it heads into the remainder of the year. Then, immediately afterwards, O2 denied that it actually won the coveted iPhone contract.

Loose lips sink ships.

I guess that about solves that mystery then. You’re not likely to find a CEO of a major corporation running his mouth like that unless the deal was done. It also all but confirms that UK users won’t have to wait till next year to play with the 21st century version of the wheel.

Yeah, tough seeing Henry in the red of Arsenal nowadays, right? Boo hoo, Le Arse fans.

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