CAMfess: Because Jerry Springer Isn't Enough

camfess.jpgCAMfess is a new video hosting site that is billed as “the world’s first website that allows users to confess secrets through video blogs.”

The idea is simple enough: confess your secrets, fears or admit mistakes to anyone who would care to listen, or to friends.

Users can confess to the world and remain anonymous. CAMfess features “the patent-pending Camfess Anonymizer(TM)”, which allows users to automatically disguise their voice or face on a submitted video (see video below for an example).

This is where is becomes perhaps more amusing, because the folks at CAMfess cite religion as a marketing angle

“The act of confession – widely encouraged by religion and psychology alike — makes people better. Admitting to mistakes, expressing a regret, and giving apology to people they may have hurt, is now available through the web.”

I’m not sure whether to be amused or disturbed by CAMfess. It’s like a poor man’s Post Secret with a touch of Jerry Springer. In the age of reality television, an age where voyeurism has reached a height never seen before, there will undoubtedly be a place in the market for CAMfess.