Cretors' Popcorn Makers. Yup, We've Gone There.


Now for something a little more off beat… (as if CG as a whole isn’t off beat as it is) Cretors’ popcorn makers! Yes, replicate all the annoyances of public movie theaters—full of noisy kids, sticky floors and sound systems less optimized than the ones you have at home—with an honest-to-goodness concession-style popcorn maker. Cretor has several models to choose from, each with enough minor differences to make you want to collect them all. I kid, I kid.

Anyhow, each popcorn maker churn out 120 1-ounce servings per hour. One ounce of popcorn seems to be a little on the “not nearly enough” side, and the thought of inviting 120 people to my house truly horrifies me… all the more reason to grab one of these.

Bitterness aside, if you’re one to throw “parties,” these popcorn makers could both function as unique decor and provide plenty of cheap food for your guests. That it can be set up for one-button popping means its idiot-proof.

Juice loosener, anyone?

Product Page [Cretors via Electronic House]