Hearsay Alert: AT&T Hiding iPhone From Its Customers


Several MacDailyNews users have reported that AT&T stores have been hiding the iPhone from the public, keeping them in stock rooms unless specifically requested in the event of a sale. Why would AT&T do such a thing?

Some have suggested that since AT&T doesn’t get as big a cut from iPhone sales as it does other cellphones—when asking to see the iPhone, some customers have reported being told to check out a BlackBerry Curve instead because it’s “better”—AT&T has no incentive to push Apple’s wunderphone. That seems a little too “Ides of March” to me—conspiratorial, I mean to say—but reports are reports. And it’s the Internet; everything here in 100 percent truthful.

Now, if true, this certainly seems to be a case of cutting your nose off to spite your face. Cliché aside, I’d like to know whether or not this a real problem or an exaggerated one generated by a bloodthirsty media. (See global warming.) If even remotely true, Apple will certainly be nonplussed.

Some AT&T stores refusing to show customers Apple iPhone? [MacDailyNews via iLounge]