Logitech Announces G9 Laser Mouse, Updates G15 Keyboard


If you’re looking to take your gaming to the next level then check out the Logitech G9 laser mouse. Why? Because I said so. Heh. The G9 is no joke, folks. You have full control over the performance characteristics of the mouse, which is great, but some douche is going to cry foul and say someone messed with his dpi setting. Aside from adjusting the dpi from 200 to 3,200 are the interchangeable grips, weight tuning, full-speed USB laser tracking, an onboard memory profiling structure, custom color LED and Logitech’s exclusive MicroGear Precision scroll wheel. The G9 retails for $99.99.


The popular G15 keyboard was upgraded to offer six programmable macro keys with three separate modes to accommodate hot keys for different games. It was also pimped out so the GamePanel LCD screen runs native with most of the popular games on the market, which essentially gives you the info you need to win. Two USB ports accommodate your G9 mouse (all mice), headset and the backlit keyboard is perfect for late night gaming. Logitech thought ahead on this one and included a switch to game mode that disables the Windows key because nothing pisses you off more than accidentally closing your game, right? The G15 is also $99.99.

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