MyDomain: Web Not Optimized for Mobile

mydomain.jpgFile this one under information we already know: According to MyDomain, Mobile Web users continue having to deal with poor access speed and sites that are just plain hard to view. MyDomain, a Web site hosting company, has jumped on the .mobi bandwagon. And sometimes it is interesting to hear what those who are a little late to the party have to say.

“More and more companies, from publishers to retailers are creating sites aimed at mobile users,” says Clint Page, CEO of MyDomain. “But while they are investing considerable funds to target mobile users, they are not investing in offering users the optimum Internet experience. Companies and businesses who want to ensure their users get content that’s tailored for mobile delivery, download and display are turning to the .mobi domain and standards.

“.mobi is a boon for businesses of all sizes who want to tap into mobile users to build their bottom line. Most companies are still not taking advantage of all the mobile Internet has to offer.”

Good information. Late, but good information.