AC/DC Snubs iTunes, Joins Verizon


AC/DC announced today that they’ve given Jobs and iTunes the big FU and they’ve signed an exclusive deal with Verizon. It’s probably a good move for them, but we, the consumers, are getting the shaft on this one. Care for another reason to loathe Verizon? Unlike iTunes where you can purchase one single track or an entire album you have to purchase the entire album from Verizon.

Guess how much Back In Black is? It’s more than what Amazon is charging, which is $9.97. Verizon expects you to pay them $11.99 for the album. You can’t even download them to your mobile phone save for the one and only single you can purchase, You Shook Me All Night Long.

I understand that record labels and artists are getting fussy over the 99 cent tracks and huge push for DRM-free music, but do you really think people will buy entire albums from providers like Verizon? I’d rather buy the album from Amazon, rip it and throw it on my phone or PMP. Does anyone else agree?

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