The Song Remains The Same: Zeppelin Coming To iTMS

Ramble on!

Been using other online music services lately? iTunes Music Store just not floating your boat? That’s OK. Apple sucks every once in awhile, but now there’s reason to come back to Jobs & Co’s beloved cash crop. Led Zeppelin will be releasing “Mothership”, the ultimate collection of tracks from everyone’s favorite stoner band.

The hits will be there. “Whole Lotta Love”, “Dazed and Confused”, and even “Achilles Last Stand” will grace your ears wonderfully. This is also a major play for Apple. With Zeppelin debuting on iTunes, all that’s left now is the Beatles’ catalog. No word yet on how much “Mothership” will cost, but I’d imagine around $100, $150 if all the tunes are there.

Led Zeppelin join the net generation [Guardian]