Samsung i570 Rocks Symbian OS


The latest Samsung slider to appear on the Web will make any WinMo naysayer happy as a clam. Do we really know if clams are happy? Anyways, the SGH-i570 is a full QWERTY slider running Symbian 9.1. Some of its wonderful features make me wonder if it will see the light of day here in the States.

Video calls don’t exactly exist here so the VGA camera on the front won’t necessarily be put to use, but the 2-megapixel on its derriere will be. The 160MB of onboard storage is just enough to hold a few songs and thank the gawds for the microSD slot. Wi-Fi, HSDPA, EDGE and Bluetooth also make this slider an enticing piece of machinery. Let’s hope it makes it to our shores because a Symbian OS on a Samsung device is the illest of the ill (best of the best).

Samsung i570 boxy slider with Symbian OS [Unwired View]