Samsung Mobile Closing in on the Top

samsungmobile1.jpgThis week Strategy Analytics reported that the Samsung overtook Motorola for the first time to become the world’s second largest handset vendor. Sales for the global mobile shipments also grew a modest 11 percent from year-over-year and reached 258 million units in Q2 2007.

“Total global cell phone shipments have continued to slow down this year, but Samsung is speeding up,” said Neil Mawston, associate director at Strategy Analytics. A combination of aggressive marketing and an attractive 3G device portfolio has driven Samsung into second position for the first time ever. Its 48 percent annual growth has come partly at the expense of Motorola, whose lackluster product portfolio across all tiers urgently needs refreshing.”

Other findings from the Strategy Analytics’ Q2 2007 Global Handset Market Share Update report include:

    Apple shipped 0.3 million iPhone units worldwide, for a tiny 0.1 percent share. Strategy Analytics predicts this ratio will approach 1 percent by the end of 2007
    LG achieved an 11 percent operating margin. This was its highest level for 5 years.

Strategy Analytics