Vonage's New Gateway Displays Caller ID, Voicemail

vonageI have a love/hate relationship with Vonage. I love that I don’t use Vonage anymore and I hated being a Vonage user. If you’re not like me, though, you might be interested to learn that Vonage is readying a VOIP gateway with an LCD screen that displays caller ID and voicemail status notifications.

This is to “inspire consumers to proudly display their Vonage router rather than hide it under their desk.” It does nothing to help you cancel your account in under an hour without telling the retention rep that you’re moving to the middle of the Australian Outback where there’s no internet access. I had to do that, it’s a true story.

If you’d like to beta test the device, Vonage will give you a free month of service for use with the router plus a $30 credit on your primary line. You’ll have to use a second Vonage-issued number with the router and you’ll have to return it within 30 days.

My feelings for Vonage aside, this seems like it could be a cool device that might be able to entice people leery of VOIP services to consider replacing their landlines.

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