AMD Cries Foul Over Intel's Monopoly Profits

According to a recent economic study, Intel has taken in some $60 billion in monopoly profits between 1996 and 2006. Guess who’s a little brassed off? AMD.

The condensed version of the study is that AMD and other microprocesser companies aren’t allowed to fully compete within the marketplace thanks to a predominance of the x86 architecture and existing exclusivity agreements between Intel and various computer manufacturers.

Says AMD executive vice president Thomas M. McCoy, “Intel’s monopoly profits of $60 billion directly contradict Intel’s claim that its business practices have resulted in lower prices – in fact this study shows that billions of dollars have moved straight from consumers’ pockets to Intel’s monopoly coffers.”

New Economic Study Finds Intel Extracted Monopoly Profits of $60 Billion Since 1996 [AMD Press Release]