Elton John Is Officially A Crazy Old Man

elton johnElton John thinks it would be interesting to shut the internet down for five years to see what sort of art would get made during that time.

Here’s a tip, Eltie. You need the internet whether you like it or not. Shut it down and your entire empire, from a business standpoint, crumbles. Goodbye, Norma Jean.

Has the internet destroyed good music, as he suggests? Maybe. I would say that record companies trying to churn out as much formulaic music as they can as quickly as possible to make a quick buck are probably more to blame.

John says, “Hopefully the next movement in music will tear down the internet.” Sir, your industry is so backward and poorly run that the next big movement will likely decimate mainstream music distribution on the whole. The music industry is the last place I’d be looking to tear down the internet. It would have to understand the internet first.

Perhaps having less technology would make music today more interesting, as Elton claims. I think there’s still good music being made, it’s just that there’s a lot more bad music being made because technology has made the barrier to entry much lower.

Here’s an idea, Elton. Take your entire music catalog off of iTunes, take your website(s) off the internet, and force your publicist, manager, and business people to rely solely on phone, fax, and postal mail. Then put out an awesome album and get back to us.

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