Microsoft Web Site Tracks Xbox 360 Repair Status


Like many of you, I recently had to send in my Xbox 360 for repairs because of the Red Ring of Death. (Going without Viva Piñata this long has put great strains on my family.) To help alleviate the “when will it be fixed?” calls, e-mails, threats, etc., Microsoft has launched a Web site that tracks the repair progress of your Xbox 360. You’ll need a Windows Live ID as well as a registered Xbox 360 before you can log in.

Look, as long my Xbox is back before September 25, I’ll be happy. Until then, I’ll keep plugging away at my summer reading list and a handful of GameCube games that I never got around to playing. You know, all of them (except for Resident Evil 4, of which I have all three versions).

The Web site [Microsoft via Next Gen]