Pentax Photo Gallery Launches Today


Pentaxians now have an alternative to Flickr, Photobucket or Picasa to showcase their photographs. The Pentax Photo Gallery is an exclusive space to share your work and gain resources from an extremely talented group of photographers. You’ll instantly have access to over 2,500 unique photos from over 300 artists who hail from over 40 countries throughout Europe, Asia, The Americas and Africa. The gallery is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Japanese.

What sets the PPG apart from other sites is that you can search for photos by camera body and lens. You can check out the exact settings for any given shot. This can be an extremely helpful tool for up-and-coming photographers. Having seen the site first hand a while back I can say that I’m really impressed by the UI and the selection of photos. The front page showcases a dozen photos from the premiere collection and continually rotates to show off the latest and greatest.

Not every Joe Shmoe can post pictures of last night’s kegger, which is great considering the number of Pentaxians out there. Images are selected based on artistic and technical merits. The site also features optional artist voting to help mange and direct the selection of images that become a part of the gallery. Final approval for every image accepted in the gallery is made by a Pentax selection committee. If you feel as though your work is up to snuff or you have other questions then feel free to e-mail

Check it out now or here for a demo.