Toshiba Unveils Third-Gen HD DVD Players

I could have sworn about 2 months ago I saw these three HD DVD players sitting in the back of some Toshiba event. No one talked about them, the feature listings weren’t any different than the other HD DVD players , so I thought nothing of it. Now Toshiba is formally introducing the HD-A30, HD-A35, and HD-A3 HD DVD players. They all feature an ethernet jack for ‘net connectivity, as well as a sleek new design. The A3 doesn’t do 1080p, but the rest do. The higher-end A35 model has 7.1 HDMI surround sound support, 1080p. 24fps playback, and a side of fries. Groovy.

All three players should be available come October and will sell between $300 and $500.

Toshiba reveals third-gen HD DVD players [Electronista]