Bush Administration Upholds 3G Ban, Qualcomm to Appeal

qualcomm.jpgThe Bush administration had declined to overrule the ITC decision to ban imports of new phones containing QUALCOMM chips following the commission’s decision in favor of Broadcomm in its patent infringement case.

In response QUALCOMM today announced that it will appeal and renew its request for a stay of the International Trade Commission ban, maintaining that none of Broadcom’s patent claims were infringed upon.

“While we are disappointed with today’s decision, we thank the Administration for taking the time to review this matter,” said Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, CEO of QUALCOMM. “We are committed to preserving the enormously successful mobile broadband industry in the U.S. and to protecting and advancing the significant gains that have already been achieved in communications, disaster preparedness and emergency response. We will pursue all legal and technical options available to us to minimize the impact of the ITC order on consumers, our customers and the entire wireless industry.”