Let’s Play Global Thermonuclear War… or What Happens After

ojom.jpgThis end of the world is here! At least in the new mobile handset game Shadow Zone, which chronicles life the day after the big one falls. In this new mobile game from Ojom GmbH players have to collect rare artifacts, battle mutated creatures and traverse the ominous forbidden zone to reach the epicenter. Only here in the Shelter players can stop a fate worse than the apocalypse.

“Shadow Zone is a game that allows players to plot their moves before they attack their enemies,” said Marc Bube, Channel Manager, of Ojom GmbH. “This type of battlefield strategy game is a step in a new direction for Ojom, but we hope that fans of this genre will also appreciate the compelling storyline and quest that underpin the action.”

The gameplay promises to mix strategy with action as you cross a dystopian wasteland. The game is now available for most Java-enable handsets and from major mobile operators in English as well as other European languages.


Ojom: Shadow Zone