Liquid Crystals Adjust For Best Possible View


Taiwanese researchers have developed an LCD display where the crystals shift to give viewers optimal clarity no matter what angle it’s being viewed from, which is rather astonishing but once you learn how it’s being done I’m sure you won’t be that impressed. The prototype display is attached to a diminutive camera that tracks the location of said viewer and then a software program calculates how to fine-tune the crystals to display the clearest image. That sounds like a lot of work and I’m sure it’s going to cost an arm and a leg to produce, which means we’ll be forking over a nice chunk of change, but the researchers are well aware of this, so they’ve devised a plan to implement the same technology into IR sensors that track user’s eyes. Too bad it will only work for one user at a time.

Screen swivels its crystals for a better view [New Scientist]