Sidekick Shuriken Slides By FCC


The Danger Shuriken aka Sidekick LX aka Sidekick 4 has popped up on the FCC site and I’m just as disappointed as everyone else about the details. Based on model number, PV250 (SK3=PV200, SKiD=PV150), we know it’s the next incarnation in the family, but it lacks 3G support, which sort of makes sense because T-Mobile hasn’t pulled their head out of their ass long enough to do something about it. I was hoping it would be tucked away somewhere only to be unleashed later on. No such luck. A working prototype has been floating around since the latter part of May, which translates to no further hardware changes. The battery has been bumped up from the Sidekick 3, but that probably has some direct correlation with the new 3-inch screen. It essentially means the battery life will suck just as much as the SK3. The confidentiality agreement ends on Halloween. Look for it to drop in November.


Shuriken (Sidekick LX) on FCC [Hiptop3]