Sony Drops Three Next-gen Dual-format DVD/CD Recordable Drives


Despite the Apple hoopla from earlier today, Sony managed to unveil three ultra fast DVD/CD drives. The DRU-840A, DRX-840U and DRX-S70U certainly won’t make you the talk of the town, but they do boast the industry’s fastest recording speeds.

Both of the 840 multi-format DVD drives support 20X DVD±R burning speeds and it takes about five minutes to burn 4.7GB worth of content on a standard 16X DVD+R disc. That’s not too shabby, right? If that doesn’t impress you then how about burning 8.5GB onto a double-layer DVD+R and 4.7GB DVD+RW discs at 12X speed. The internal 840A and external 840U drives come preloaded with Nero 7 Express DVD/CD software.


Both models support 20X DVD±R, 12X DVD±R DL, 12X DVD+RW, 6X DVD-RW, and 12X DVD-RAM for backup purposes, as well as 48X CD-R and 32X CD-RW burning speeds. Whew, that’s a mouth full.


The external DRX-S70U burner is slim, unobtrusive and supports 8X DVD±R, 4X DVD±R DL, 8X DVD+RW, 6X DVD-RW, 5X DVD-RAM, and 24X CD-R/RW burning speeds. Both external drives are powered by USB. The DRU-840A is available now for $70. The DRX-840U will ship next month for $110 and the DRX-S70U will also be available next month for $130.

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