Another Ad Gets Sony In Trouble


Again Sony finds itself in trouble for one of its advertisements. Good grief, Sony, learn your lesson already! This time, over in the ban-happy UK, an ad for the PS3 that, apparently, “glamorizes” violence or anti-social behavior was so destructive to the social fabric that the country’s Advertising Standards Authority (wow…) banned it. Gone, the ad never existed. It’s like Men in Black over there.

The ad generated a whole 23 complaints, which, in a nation of 60 million, means that it needed to go, even if Sony aimed the ad at adults. The line “I’ve killed for less” was particularly bothersome. This is not the ad in question, but it’s from the same series.

I expect plenty of “ha ha, Sony sucks” comments. Personally, I think the whole “Sony is teh fey” meme is tired now. We get it: you don’t like Sony.

Violent Playstation 3 Ad Banned [Life Style Extra via Next Gen]