HTC Nike, Touch Who?


Many of us on domestic soil are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the HTC Touch, but the rumor mill is abuzz with talks of the P5500 aka Nike. This has long been rumored to be the Touch II, but the specs put it in a class of its own. The common bond between the two may be the TouchFlo interface, but the Nike blows the Touch out of the water. An auto-sliding keyboard is the key differentiation. Auto-sliding keyboard. Think about it for a minute. That sounds rad. The Nike will also feature HDSPA/UMTS, a 2-megapixel camera, GPS (woot woot) and a 2.6-inch touchscreen. Awesome. Word is it will launch in September. Probably in Europe since we haven’t even seen the Touch.

HTC 5500 Nike Touch Slider [Unwired View]