Motorola Launches Mobile Linux Platform, Begs for Spare Change Near the I96 Interchange


After viewing Moto’s line-up this year — and playing with a number of Nokias, S-Es, and the iPhone, — I feel that Moto could put a singing puppy in every RAZR2 box and I’d still be disappointed. So, it is with a jaded sigh I announce Motorola’s new Linux platform, MOTOMAGX. That’s right. MAGX.

The platform will show up on the Z6 and RAZR2 V8 and allow for embedded Java and widgeting platforms along with a few hot DEVTLS like MOTODEV STDIO INGRTD DEVENV along with WB2 implementations. Best of all, Moto is going to hang at LinuxWorld and is even sponsoring the MOTOLOUNGE for developers to get to know their hot new platform.

Hardware manufacturers, heed my warning: Heal your hardware line before you start slapping Ubuntu on that old PC you have lying around the office. If it’s not popular with the kids, it won’t be popular with Linus and friends.

Press Release [CNN]