Netflix Gets Hacked, Download 'Watch Now' Movies Now


Netflix released the Watch Now feature at the beginning of the year and many hemmed and hawed over it. It’s a relatively neat idea and very appealing considering the fact that you can watch up to 20 movies a month if you include the three that you get in the mail and 17 hours worth of streaming video (3 DVDs per week and 8 streaming videos). That’s peachy keen, but you can’t download the movies and watch them later. And they’re wrapped in Windows Media DRM.

However, those of you with a Netflix account, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player 11, FairUse4WM and Notepad can now leech up to 17 hours of DRM-free content, with this tidy, little hack. Woohoo. We’re unsure of the consequences of this act, so beware.

Rorta [via TV Squad]