Olympus Announces Two Ultimate Hybrid Voice Recorders


Do people still use voice recorders? Oh, yeah, Josh still uses one, but he’s a real journalist. In case anyone in our audience still uses them then take heed for Olympus has released not one, but two ‘ultimate’ hybrid voice recorders. Let’s be honest, a voice recorder is boring unless you mash in an MP3 player and extra storage, right? Well, that’s exactly what Olympus has done with the WS-321M and WS-311M.


If you’ve used a voice recorder in the past then you’re ready to roll with these. Just plug in your VR via USB and all the content you need is transferred to and from without a lot of fuss. The LCD is also a nice addition to keep you in the loop of what’s going on. The 321M has 1GB of internal storage, which equates to 277 hours of recorded content or 250 songs. The 311M only has 516MB and roughly holds 138 hours of recorded content or 120 songs. Both offer up to 21 hours of operation on a one AAA battery. Expect to see the Olympus duo hit stores in September for $149.99 (321M) and $99.99 (311M).