Street Fighter II Heads To Select Cellphones: AT&T, T-Mobile And Sprint Only


It’s no secret that when it comes to video games, the fighting genre is my favorite. Of those games, I’m afraid Street Fighter is still my favorite, with Soul Calibur just behind it. Being that Capcom is celebrating the series’ 20th anniversary this year, it’s releasing umpteen different versions on every device imaginable to squeeze more money out of us. (It’s OK, though, since it’s Street Fighter.) The first of the soon-to-be dozens of versions is Street Fighter II Mobile, which works on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Being a Verizon guy, I can’t try it out. :-(

So if both your phone and provider are compatible, and you’re willing to pay $7 for a game you played 1,000 times already, then enjoy. Or you can be like me and wait for the HD version of the game to hit Xbox Live this fall.

Street Fighter II Mobile [Capcom]