CellTrust Announces Relief for Hazard Fliers

celltrust.jpgThose of use who frequently fly well know the hazards of flight delay. The psychological stress incurred by crowded airports and uncertain departure times can put unwanted miles on an overtaxed body.The good people at CellTrust have created a new piece of technology that may help lower those taxes.

As of today, FlightAssist 1.0 is available free of cost for a limited period. FlightAssist 1.0 tracks flight arrival, departure, delay, cancellation and gate change information; all on your mobile phone. Worldwide, flights from 16,084 airports and 1,398 airlines are being tracked on FlightAssist 1.0. Aerodrome watchers who have a mobile phone with a SMS-enabled (short message service) account can use FlightAssist 1.0 for free by entering the promotional code, 123123.