New Ways Of Spotting Movie Pirates

Piracy allows me to enjoy funny clips like this that get put up on YouTube illegally

With piracy on the rise, it’s a no-brainer that the MPAA is busy going crazy over each CAM and Telesync released to sites like The Pirate Bay. Canada has an ongoing problem with movie piracy in Calgary and although digital watermarks have helped pinpoint pirates in specific theaters, more help is needed to combat them. Now theaters are turning to metal detectors and night-vision goggles for help in finding movie pirates. Pretty excessive stuff.

Says moviegoer Sharanpal Ruprai of a recent trip to a movie screening:

“They were really checking, and one guy seemed to have a metal detector,” she said. “Halfway through the movie, I looked up and [saw] another security guard had what seemed to be night-vision goggles. He was sort of scanning the audience for cellphones or cameras, that sort of thing.”

Crazy! It’s just a friggin’ movie! I guess actors’ paychecks are at stake. Such a shame.

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