Who Doesn't Love 42-Ounce Halo 3-Themed Soda?


Microsoft launches Halo 3 on September 25, just seven weeks from now, and boy does it plan on marketing the hell out of it. It’s lined up several partners so that, wherever you go, you’ll run into Master Chief one way or another. So far, Microsoft has enlisted the following companies to help make Halo 3 the system seller that it wants it to be.

Burger King: Terrifingly large meals and cups (jugs?) of soda will be sold in September with the game’s logo and Master Chief’s visage

•Pepsi: A brand new drink called Mountain Dew Game Fuel, which adds a touch a cherry flavor and 30 percent more caffeine than regular Mountain Dew

•7-Eleven: Master Chief Slurpee cups

•General Motors: Oh, you know, just a brand new car, the G6 GXP Street, aimed at the same youthful men who’ll buy the game

Or, in a talking pictures form…

So whether you like it or not, Halo 3 will very much be a part of the popular culture in the weeks to come. It’s funny that we’re getting so excited over what amounts to a remake of Doom.

Here Comes ‘Halo 3’ —
With a Side Order of Fries
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