Is Vista Broken? Joe Wilcox Says 'Yes'


Joe Wilcox does not like Windows Vista. I can sympathize. I just bought a new PC and after using XP for the last however-many years, I was excited to see what all the Vista fuss was about.

After being randomly disconnected from my wireless network a few times each day for no reason and without being able to quickly diagnose or repair my connection (or install anything) without being bombarded with security warnings made me long for my trusty, reliable XP rig. My initial experience was overwhelmingly average. Vista is pretty, that’s for sure. But it’s got issues and it’s unstable, just like (gross generalization forthcoming) pretty people have issues and are unstable.

It’s not that I can’t simply turn off the security messages or take the time to figure out why my wireless card is so wonky, it’s the principle of the fact that Vista is supposed to be way better than its predecessor.

Before you start lambasting me with “quit being such a baby” and “if you hate it so much, why don’t you switch back” comments, take a moment to read Wilcox’s article. He’s far more brassed off than me.

His contention is that the Vista experience is so broken that it can’t be fixed. I’m not sure about that. I seem to remember Windows XP being a bit frustrating until SP2 was released. We’re a LONG way from Vista SP2, though.

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