Kid Writes "PS3 Sucks" On Video Game Displays

Kids are brats sometimes, but this little boy sounds like the Devil incarnate. Toys R Us employees spotted a 13-year old boy writing “PS3 Sucks” on 23 plastic game displays. Yeah, 23 times. When he was arrested, the boy’s parents couldn’t be tracked down so he had to chill with child services. Serves ya right!

Here’s the kicker: when the boy was asked why he did it, he replied,

“I have an Xbox and I hate Playstation. I found the marker lying on the shelf and I guess I was bored. Sorry.”

I bet he cut class and ran off to play video games in a Toys R Us. Let him rot in jail a bit and we’ll see how he feels a few days later.

Boy Arrested For Writing PS3 Sucks On Video Game Cases [Fun Tech Talk]