EA Mobile Takes the Field With Madden NFL 08; Introduces New Bejeweled for Mobile

eamobile1.jpgThis week professional football season begins, at least in the video game arena from EA Mobile. In addition to the release of the console and PC versions of the annual gridiron game, Madden NFL 08 will be available on mobile handsets; complete with all 32 real NFL teams with updated rosters and team-specific playbooks. This year’s game will include commentary by Al Michaels and John Madden, along with crowd cheers and authentic stadium sounds. The game promises improved graphics that show NFL league and team logos, textured fields and field numbers and harsh marks. This year’s game also features new and improved player movement and field vision passing.


Electronic Arts Mobile and PopCap Games also announced the release of an all-new version of Bejeweled, the popular gem-swapping puzzle game. This version adds a unique multiplayer capability, which will work cross-platform and allow users to choose to play against a friend or be matched up against an random opponent.

“We’ve taken the time to improve one of the best selling mobile games of all time, by improving the look, feel and playability, while adding new connected features,” said Travis Boatman, VP Worldwide Studios at EA Mobile™.“ The innovative features of the platform allow for a whole range of interesting interactions between players that was not available before – like the opportunity to chat with other opponents.”


EA Mobile