Exercise Your Brain: The Incredible Machine Goes Mobile

incrediblemachine.jpgWhen I took high school physics, I failed the section on complex vectors. If The Incredible Machine had been around at the time, I’d be working for NASA today instead of sitting around in my underwear in front of a computer. Now you can fine tune your synapses by using your mobile phone, thanks to Vivendi Games Mobile.

The mobile version of The Incredible Machine is based on Sierra Entertainment’s 1990’s PC game with the same title. Players use their creativity and ingenuity to design and build a machine that solves the given problem. Pulleys, levers, belts, motors, balloons and other contraptions are assembled to workout 80 levels of mind altering puzzles.

In addition to the Game, Vivendi Games Mobile will debut an interactive video starring Farah McDaring. Farah uses common objects to save her family from the obstacles of everyday life. Viewers help Farah stop a robbery by solving a time limited brain teaser. Where was Farah McDaring when I was struggling with physics?

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