hField Wi-Fire: Steal Someone's Internets From 1,000 Feet Away


If you’re cheap like me then the Wi-Fire is something you should look into for your Internet needs. I can see at least 15 networks around my apartment, but most are encrypted or the signal is too weak. Thanks to this fancy compact range-extending USB device I was able to pick up signals as far as 1,000 feet away. Another month without having to pay for Internet, awesome. It’s perfect for broke students or business types whose company are too cheap to supply them with a broadband card.

I hate having to install bloatware on any laptop/PC, but the Wi-Fire makes it worth the time and HDD space. The UI is easy to navigate and provides the stats of all the signals around. I knew it was working properly when it picked up a friends network that lives across the street. It’s sort of ugly looking but it folds away nicely and isn’t much of a pain to pack in my laptop bag. It’s available now for $109.

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