Inky Gives Pac-Man The Big FU


Remember when the coolest mod for your bike was sticking a baseball card in the spokes? That totally got the chicks didn’t it? I’m not sure if this will pick up the ladies, but it so damn cool. Everything retro makes me vomit these days, but this is cool and something I’d definitely consider if I had a bike. The streets of NYC are way too crazy for me, but if I ever get over my ‘itis’ I’d give these a whirl.

This DIY kit is comprised of 30 LEDs per wheel and is powered by two AA batteries. Your choices for graphics aren’t limited to Pac-Man, either. Coded in Python, the open software allows you to upload any bitmap image for the 256 radial pixels. Awesome. Kits start at $37.50.

Product Page [via Gearfuse]