IRL: World of Whorecraft Chick Gets Banned

Mia Rose is one hell of a World of Warcraft player. She’s also one hell of a whore. You see, Mia played a horny night elf in a few episodes of World of Whorecraft, which was basically porno styled in the liked of WoW. This past weekend, Mia’s account was suspended because someone posted the link to in the game’s chat channels.

10 minutes later, a GM told her she was suspended and that’s it. She hasn’t been able to get a clear response from Blizzard yet, which is no surprise. Word is that she’ll be changing servers and re-rolling a new character soon to avoid having to deal with the constant spam in her inbox. It’s a shame too. Judging by the above screenshot, it looks like she was geared to all hell and back.

Whorecraft Starlet Kicked from WoW [Kotaku]