Juniper Research: Mobile Social Networking Set to Explode

juniper.jpgUser-generated content revenue could rise tenfold by 2012 says a new report from Juniper Research, which predicts that this rise could come mainly from social networking, dating and personal content delivery services. This could meant hat globally, end-user generated revenues from these sites will increase from $572million this year to more than $5.7billion in 2012. And social networking could account for 50% of the total amount by this time.

According to report author Dr Windsor Holden, “Even though social networking sites are in their infancy, the exponential growth experienced by a number of mobile service providers – in some cases achieved primarily through viral marketing – would seem to affirm that there is huge potential in this area. The key challenge now is for those providers to monetise that interest.”

The report’s findings include that the number of active users of mobile social sites is expected to rise from 14million this year to nearly 600million by 2012.

Juniper Research