Verizon Wireless Retools Mobile Web 2.0

verizon.jpgThe largest United States wireless provider has just made Mobile Web 2.0 easier to use. An improved interface makes it easier for customers to access the news and e-mails that keep people on the go up-to-date. History is for dusty library shelves, not today’s shakers and movers.

Content providers ESPN, Bank of America, USA TODAY, and MapQuest are all still available, but it is much easier to find what you want when you want it. Verizon Wireless has also added the new content channels, Local, Connect, Tools, Commute, and Money.

“The redesign of Mobile Web 2.0 is another example of how we consistently strive to further enhance and simplify our customer’s wireless experience,” said Lee Daniels, vice president of consumer product Wireless. “Customer choice, easy navigation and usability are critical factors that help shape the success of a mobile data service in the marketplace.”

Current Mobile Web 2.0 customers can view the new portal when they navigate to Mobile Web 2.0. Users simply register for the updated service by going to the News and Info category under the Get It Now menu. Those of us who don’t have Mobile Web 2.0 will have to signup. I’m staying home to do some dusting.

Verizon Wireless