Boston Acoustics For The Rich, Outdoorsy, Couch Potatoes


Boston Acoustics has announced three speaker systems to spice up your TV viewing, outdoor patio party, and snobbish needs. The TVee Model Two is a TV entertainment enhancement system that consists of a soundbar that features four 2.5-inch mid bass drivers and two 0.5-inch dome tweeters. The TVee soundbar can sit above or below your TV or you can mount it on the wall. Hopefully your TV is bigger than 13-inches because that would just be silly and embarrassing. The subwoofer features a 6-inch down-firing driver and it’s wireless, so it can be placed wherever you desire. The whole system puts out 100W RMS.

The Model Two seems to be fairly easy to use and setup. The ‘One Wire Hook-Up’ connects to your audio-out and that’s it, you’re done. You don’t even need a separate remote, either. The TVee is so smart that it syncs with your existing remote and knows when to mute and control volume. The TVee Model Two is expected to hit store shelves in September for $399.99.


Now that we’re done inside let’s move outside where the sun is still shining bright. The 2-way SoundWare loudspeakers can be used indoors or outside thanks to a slew of mounting options. That means you can put them anywhere you like. You can even paint them so they disappear and blend in with the scenery. The SoundWare speakers are also available in black, white, silver, ‘Just Red’, bamboo, natural and espresso. Each speaker is powered by a 4.5-inch driver and 0.75-inch tweeter. They’re available now for $99.99 each.


Bringing up the rear is BA’s Horizon Series speaker system. They’re a bit more sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing. If you say so, BA. The Horizon Series consists of ten different speaker sizes and configurations.
The line includes the following models: HS 40 4.5″ 2-way bookshelf (SRP: $99.99); HS 50 5.25″ 2-way bookshelf (SRP: $129.99); HS 60 6.5″ 2-way bookshelf (SRP: $149.99); HS 225 Dual 5.25″ 2-way LCR (SRP: $249.99); HS 450 dual 5.25″ 2-way floor standing (SRP $299.95); and HS 460 dual 6.5″ 2-way floor-standing (SRP: $399.95), as well an 8-inch wireless powered subwoofer, HPS 8Wi (SRP: $399.95), and three powered subwoofers, the 10″ HPS10 SE (SRP: $299.99), HPS 10HO (SRP: $399.99) and 12″ HPS 12HO (SRP: $499.99), with 150-, 250- and 300-watt built-in amplifiers respectively.

There are also two 5.1-Channel SS systems that won’t break the bank and keep your system on the cutting edge. The MCS 130 features 3 LCR speakers with 1-inch tweets and dual 3.5-inch mid bass drivers, two surround speakers with the same LCR stats as well as a 10-inch down-firing, 200W woofer. The 100 consists of four satellite speakers with 0.75-inch tweets, 3-inch drivers, one center channel with 0.75-inch tweets and dual 3-inch mid bass drivers and an 8-inch, 100W sub. They both arrive in September for $799.99 (130) and $499.99 (100).

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