T-Mobile Set to Launch UMTS/3G Network Next Month?


BGR has uncovered listings for a new Samsung phone set to hit T-Mobile on September 10th, the t639. It’s a slim flip with Bluetooth, a 1-Megapixel camera, speakerphone, and many other low-end features small flips generally have. What’s interesting is that it’s a 3G UMTS phone. On T-Mobile.

For those who aren’t mentally doing the math, this phone hints very strongly that T-Mobile is finally almost ready to launch its recently laid-out 3G network. Currently the only major carrier without 3G in North America, T-Mobile’s been lagging behind in the technology aspect. But by building an all-new, upgradable network from the groud-up, it’s poised to leapfrog the competition.

Things are going stealthily, but there’s a chance that T-Mo’s 3G network will launch on the same day, which, coupled with its superior customer service and decent plans, makes T-Mobile a very interesting prospect.

T-Mobile’s First 3G Phone Coming in Less than a Month [Boy Genius]