Actress Bipasha Basu Becomes Mobile Game Heroine

BipashaBasu.jpgAccording to the, Times of India, mobile gamers and fans of Bipasha Basu will see the starlet in three upcoming mobile phone games. In the Bollywood realm, Bipasha Basu oozes glamor. Today, software publisher Jump Games announced a two-year, worldwide contract with her to create and distribute mobile games featuring Bipasha Basu.

The first game to be released is, Bipasha Basu Jet Ski Champ. You can guess what this game is about. I’d like to know if she wears a wet suit, or something more revealing. “Through these games my fans will get to see the athletic, adventurous and skillful side of me,” said Bipasha.

There are two more games under development. In one, Bipasha displays her physical prowess in a bowling simulation. In the other, she is a princess who must save the planet from galactic enemies. To date, it’s unknown if the game will feature any dance numbers.

“Bipasha is one of the most successful celebrity brands around today and her personality lends wonderfully to games,” Jump Games CEO Salil Bhargava was quoted as saying. “We are hopeful that the titles created for her do well,”

Good looking and a gamer’s personality too. I think I’m in love.

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