Eight Ball in the Side Pocket

iplay1.jpgThe combo I-play and IPA World Pool Championship have knocked in a crisp bank shot with, World Pool Championship 2007. Big name pool sharks like Phil Harrison, Neil Raybone and Chris Melling are featured in this latest mobile phone game. Developed by, Blade Interactive, this game will have you practicing your ball-racking skills while remaining on the go.

David Gosen, CEO, I-play commented: “The official IPA World Pool Championship license has huge resonance amongst fans around the world. This, together with the most visually stunning and authentic Pool Championship experience on mobile, featuring top tournament players and the actual tournament structure, is a winning formula for pool players.”

David is right when he says, “around the world.” I-play offers entertainment to over a billion people over a network that has 120 carriers plus. More than 12 languages are accommodated for, giving World Championship Pool 2007 a planetary audience.