Helio Officializes the Fin, Thinnest Flip in North America


We’ve been hearing rumors, and today we find they’re true: Helio‘s got a new phone, it’s called the Fin. Which rhymes with thin, as in what the phone is. We’re glad that after the Ocean they’re keeping with a nautical theme.

It’s not just thin, it’s Nicole Ritchie pre-baby-bump-thin, the thinnest flip phone in North America, which is kinda nice. And it’s got a 3-Megapixel camera, which is nicer. No flash, but rumors are saying its sensor is super-sensitive in low-light conditions, so maybe you won’t need it.

The Fin brings most of the features we at CrunchGear love about the Helio Ocean and shrinks it down to a very small package: Google Maps with GPS, full IM and email with texting, EV-DO, MySpace mobile, and YouTube and Flickr uploading. Word.

With the Fin, Helio is adding a new application to its library: Garmin’s turn-by-turn driving directions. Using the integrated GPS unit, the Fin will tell you where to go to get to where you’re going, via text or digitized speech. That’s a feature that’s been missing from Helio’s devices, and it’s a welcome addition. Ocean customers will be able too access it too, at $2.99 a day. That price might change, so stay tuned.

Hardware-wise, it’s dope. Support for up to 4GB of microSD, a QVGA screen, and its frame is made of magnesium, so it’s sturdy. If the Ocean is too much, but you want the sweet suite that Helio includes with all its plans, the Fin might be the phone for you. With the current $50 off all Samsung-based Helios, that brings the price to $175 for new members.