Wiz and Waz To the Rescue

eidosmobile.jpgIf you spent all day playing video games you might turn into a blob… or so we’ve been told. But what if to save the universe you need to be a blob? Well, there is a tough question we can’t answer. However, we can tell you that come September this will become more of an issue. In a mobile video game anyway.

Eidos Interactive has announced the September launch of SolaRola, where you get to save the universe from the evil Ping the Merciless as… well, you guessed it two small blobs. Enter Wiz and Waz, two brother blobs who will battle evil over the course of 25 levels of puzzle challenges.

We’re still waiting to hear about carriers, pricing and handsets that will be supported. But the blobs are on it.

Eidos Mobile